“A Penetrating Word for United Methodists”

Tom Lee grew up in a congregation I was privileged to serve for ten years. My daughters were in youth choir and UMYF with him. His mother was one of my wife Linda’s friends. His father, mother, and sister contributed immeasurably to the life and mission of that congregation.

Tom puts the current talk of schism within The United Methodist Church in historic, political, and cultural context.  Everyone concerned about the future of the denomination will benefit from reading his prophetic, insightful analysis.




4 thoughts on ““A Penetrating Word for United Methodists”

  1. Thank you so much, Ken, for posting the link to this wise, insightful piece that is now so profoundly impotent for the church and for so far beyond the church,

    My heartfelt condolence on Linda’s passing.

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  2. This is a horrible characterization and meshing of things that do not belong together. LGBT is not another Civil Rights movement and it is gross to even hint that they are the same. Homosexuality is a sin, the color of one’s skin is not.


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