The Place to Begin: Repentance

General Conference  begins today with a season of worship and prayer. I can’t be present in St. Louis, but I am joining the delegates, bishops, and guests in this time of prayer. I begin my prayer with confession and repentance.

Here are some of the sins which I lift before God in repentance:

  • An over reliance on legislation to resolve theological, ethical, and ecclesial issues
  • Substituting uniformity of belief for the oneness already wrought in Jesus Christ
  • Prioritizing institutional preservation above faithfulness to God’s present and coming reign of compassion, justice, and hospitality
  • Trusting in the exercise of political power over the practice of agape/love
  • Confusing certainty of being right with humbly following Jesus
  •  Failure to love others as Christ loves us

I pray that throughout the General Conference session and beyond, we will “bring forth fruit worthy of repentance” and be the body of Christ in this broken, polarized, and suffering world.

11 thoughts on “The Place to Begin: Repentance

  1. Let us begin with a confession that resonates with “seeing through a glass darkly”. And approach the authority of scripture acknowledging our inability to see clearly the wisdom contained therein.

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  2. On this Friday after called General Conference concluded on Tuesday, I am getting very tired of critics of Conference’s actions remaining bitter and accusing those who did not support the One Church Plan of being wicked people. There were three major plans to consider and it was not a slam dunk to know which plan was better for the future of the church. It’s up to the leaders of the church – bishops and pastors – to shepherd and respect their flocks. It’s up to the leaders to persuade – not harangue- members in the pews to the leaders’ point of view. If they fail to persuade, don’t blame others. There are plans yet to be thought of that would make for a truly united church, and there are also ways the church can formally split to reflect its very real division.

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