The Gift of Presence

The absence of loved ones is keenly felt during this season when presence with family and friends dominants expectations and schedules. Yet, Advent/Christmas is about Presence amid Absence as God enters the darkness and absence in the form of Incarnate Love. Norma Sessions beautifully captures the essence of that comforting presence amid haunting absence.

Images and Reflections

As the anniversary of Dale’s passing approached, the “lasts” grew vivid. Remembering the evening I last heard his voice was the most painful. His exuberant presence had always filled a room; his absence created a cavern.

A loved one described it well: “There’s such gone-ness.”

That sense of void dominated my early days of grieving.

I had thought that the many losses of the previous decade would prepare me for this final one. With each disease-related change, there was an aspect of Dale that I missed. I had learned to live with absence amid presence.

But there was no preparation for the final loss: Complete absence. Emptiness. “Gone-ness.”

There were times when the darkness and emptiness seemed total…when the absence felt too much to bear. I missed him—every version of him. I still do. However, now I see that throughout these months, I have been accompanied. Although…

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