“What’ll I Do…

This latest blog by Norma Sessions has implications beyond the grieving process. What do we do when life feels disorienting and uncertain?

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…when you are far away, and I am blue, what’ll I do?

I found myself humming this Irving Berlin song recently, and then realized that the lyrics reflect my feelings as I adjust to life without Dale. What will I do? How do I fit in this world without you?

Although episodes are not as intense or as frequent as they were in the early months of grieving, there are still times when I feel acutely disoriented. In my mind’s eye, I see myself flailing about, as if suddenly swept up by an ocean wave, and I struggle to find my footing, to sense anything solid.

The physical presence of the one who so often extended his hand to help me with balance is gone.

Not only is he gone, but my daily focus—my purpose, even—is gone, too. During the last years of Dale’s life, my role as…

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1 thought on ““What’ll I Do…

  1. Absolutely beautiful.

    I have recently come to the conclusion that we all seem to be suffering from “Long Covid”. We ask ourselves and others, will we ever regain the goodness and serenity of the past? I believe the former is a yes, but I question if the latter will ever become a reality! Will we ever have that precious peace that passes all understanding, again?

    John Wesley said our happiness is directly related to our holiness. I think that is the key for this moment in time. Much like Norma Session’s suggestion that we should continue to strive to do, “… the next right thing”, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t also agree, for instance, that it is more blessed to give than receive.

    I know, also, that when we are the ones who need to be lifted up, that doing for others, sharing a little joy or kindness, would be asking alot. So these words are for those further along in the grieving process.

    However, in the interim, may we refuse to let society’s ills, politics, or church apathy keep us from the light, laughter and love of the people we care so dearly about.

    Thank you, as always, for your post, Bishop Carder. Keep ’em comin’! Those of us in the mission fields are renewed by them.
    Vickie Simons

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