A Wesleyan Ethic of Speech

This is a thoughtful, much needed word from Wesleyan scholar/historian and friend, Ted Campbell, who teaches at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. God grant me the grace, patience, wisdom, and discipline to practice “A Wesleyan Ethic of Speech.”


GCFA at Historic St George's UMC – Version 2

I grew up in a southern US culture that used euphemistic expressions like “God bless your little heart” to mean… Well, I can’t say what that really meant while discussing a Wesleyan ethic of speech. But I promise you that what it meant wasn’t always nice.

There’s a lot in the Bible, a lot in the words of Jesus, and a lot in Wesleyan and Methodist culture about what comes out of our mouths. The world would be a better place if we could pay more attention to the words we generate with our mouths and our keypads. But not just the world outside of our churches: in a time of Methodist rancor and division, this historic culture of carefully guarded speech (and writing) is as needed as ever.

Jesus recognized a world awash in verbal vomit. In fact, that’s just about exactly how he described it:

“… it…

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