Linda’s Birthday

Birthdays are occasions to declare that people are stories rather than symptoms; and sharing love is the abiding theme of our stories. In the sharing of love, our stories intersect with God’s Story.
Thank you, Linda, for your remarkable story of love! Being part of that story is the greatest joy of my life.




















































as Linda moves deeper into her dementia

9 thoughts on “Linda’s Birthday

  1. Sending love to you and Linda, Bishop. As I read this post – and enjoyed the photos you shared, The words to I Corinthians 13 came to mind. Surely it embraces both of you.

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  2. Such a beautiful story about Linda and then about you two together. You two are teaching many of us new depths of love. It is a great privilege that you allow your readers / friends to share in your lives. Blessings on you, Jean

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