Principalities and Powers of Sin and Death on Display

The principalities and powers of sin and death were clearly on ugly display before the world in yesterday’s Senate hearing. Will the exposure lead to repentance?

  • turning away from protecting the privileges of the privileged and toward solidarity with the vulnerable and violated;
  • away from the love of power and toward the power of love;
  • away from bombastic bullying and toward compassionate conversation;
  • away from tribal partisanship and toward justice for the common good.

It may be difficult to believe in the moment, but God has already won the decisive victory! Compassion, justice, and peace will win!

Let us live now in the light of God’s victory already won by engaging “the powers” at the ballot box, in our congregations and neighborhoods,  and in solidarity with and advocacy on behalf of the violated and vulnerable.



4 thoughts on “Principalities and Powers of Sin and Death on Display

  1. Unfortunately, we may have to go all the way to the bottom before there is change. We are certainly going in that direction in this time period. Lord, be with us!!


  2. God never changes. Jesus & God are One. God’s judgements & acts are always perfect. Calling God’s actions “troubling” is indeed more than troubling. It’s blasphemy. God’s character revealed in OT and more fully through Jesus in NT. Sculpting God’s Word to fit the culture is blasphemy. Sorry Bishop Carded.


  3. Thank you for the positive words. It often seems that our current government can’t get worse–and then it does.

    I keep praying and hoping against hope.


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